Shane Muller

Others Thoughts

Over three decades of shared wisdom and experience

"Exciting times Shane! Your dedication to creating impact on scale is inspiring!"

"I wanted to share some thoughts and reflections from the two meetings I've had the pleasure to attend... What an absolutely amazing group of people you've collected. The collaborative development of SafeWatch is such a joy to see. You're both moderating the meetings in a way that invites everyone to contribute, and it's so clear there's no "right" and "wrong" ideas. The psychological safety feels very high, and bodes very well for the success of SafeWatch. I feel very fortunate to be a part of this, and that you reached out to me Shane. Thank you."

"You are truly inspirational in your care and desire to make a difference to the wellbeing of many."

"Thank you…I feel privileged to be part of an extraordinary group of humans."

"I want to thank you. You are a great inspiration for me, not only for everything you have built over the years with your businesses, but also for the way you support me and allow me to express my ideas and knowledge."

"Shane has been actively involved in volunteering in a leadership role, helping all people in a practical way, counselling, financial assistance, teaching, food drives, etc. Everyone that knows Shane knows what a trustworthy and loving citizen he is. He sets a very high standard for others to follow. He has amazing integrity and can be seen as the gold standard for many of us to aspire to."

"For a long as I have known Shane, he is passionate about making change and doing good to improve the community around him but also extended to a global scale. He has worked for years to research and finally create a program to support single mothers in the community. These are just some of his badges of honour."

"Shane is one of the few people I know who holds integrity at the highest standards as this is something that he himself embodies. Having worked alongside him volunteering, he held a very significant role managing all finances and he was not only thorough and detailed in his budgeting and reporting but would ensure the job was done with no loose ends. He treated this volunteer role as sacred as it was his own baby and I know whatever Shane sets out to do, that his modus operandi – that nothing is done half-hearted with Shane."

"It’s amazing what you have created in the team…something special. There is a certain magic in the team that is rare."

"I would declare without hesitation that in the hundreds of people that I personally know in my life, he is unique in his personal ethics and love for mankind. I fully trust him in any endeavour in is life to help others."

"I think this is so meaningful and after yesterday it really solidified my understanding of who and what I’m really working with in the most beautiful way."

"We were out for dinner tonight and a young staff member dropped a glass and it shattered everywhere! Lucy, my 10 year old says ‘if Shane was here, he would have helped her clean that up so she didn’t feel embarrassed. I know he would. He’s just that kind type of person."

"The paragraph of the leadership book I was reading reminds me of what you said to me. Just want to say thank you for teaching me."

"Shane is very thorough, committed to all projects and commitments he has to complete. He manages his time well, has clear goals in achieving the best work life balance for a more enjoyable life."

"I would want someone who is invested in me and the process tailored to me – rather than just go through the process. For this reason, I know Shane holds this attribute at the highest standard."

"Words cannot express how proud I am of you for taking on such a big commitment."

"Outside of the day-to-day operations, Shane also worked to launch a large scale conference in Malaysia."

"Happy Fathers Day Shane. You’ve set a high bar this year for what it is to be a Dad, giving such care and security and love to your 3 little princesses. Have a happy day."

"Thanks for the time on Thursday and for the great lunch. I very much enjoyed the catch up and appreciate you sharing the purpose of OBT. I must confess that when you started I was expecting the usual motherhood corporate statements about “being a leading IT company…etc, etc”
How wrong was I! It is an amazing vision and must add such an tangible purpose to business life."

"Over the past 11 years I have never seen a company amend an error with such exceptional service. Your follow up is outstanding, and it would be remiss of us not to recommend your services. Once again, thank you for your overwhelmingly good customer service."

"Your generosity towards others before yourself is not normal or even seen often, you give of yourself so much!"

"So incredibly generous of you (as always)."