Shane Muller

Others Thoughts - Video

Over three decades of shared wisdom and experience

How have you seen innovation over the journey?

– Nina, Head of Marketing OBT

What's your view on Shane's ability to differentiate?

– Simon, Media

What have you noticed about the people who work with Shane?

– Nate, Media

Becky: My First Customer

– Becky, Director

Watching Your Journey From The Kitchen In The Basement Office Days

– David, Friend

Creating Opportunities

– Eryk, Team

What's Been Your Experience Over The Years?

– Hasnain, Team

How long have you worked with Shane?

– Ian, Team

Working with OBT & Shane

– James, Business Associate

What's The Culture Like?

– Jay, Team

How Has OBT Helped Your Business?

– Kym & Jason, Client

My Last Boss

– Jonathan, Director


– Oscar, Business Associate 

Good Luck For The Future

– Len, Media

Observing The Journey Of Up And Down And Keeping Going

– Peter, Family

Thinking About The People

– Tanya, Family

Why Do You Want To Be Part of The Team?

– William, Team