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Shane Muller is an influential entrepreneur, mentor and philanthropist renowned for his involvement in over 300 businesses worldwide. Founder of Paladin AI Ventures, InspED, SafeWatch and The Destiny Foundation, his ventures are diverse, ranging from technology innovations to community-focused initiatives.

A man who prefers to shine the spotlight on his ventures, team, clients and projects rather than himself, Shane’s approach to business is uniquely centred on fostering growth and potential in others… more.

“I wish I knew” or “I didn’t think it was that bad” are words often echoed in the quiet murmurs at funerals across Australia, painting a stark picture of isolation and unrecognised mental distress. These expressions of regret and confusion drove Shane Muller, an entrepreneur for impact, to create SafeWatch, a pioneering platform designed to harness the power of community to transform mental wellness. SafeWatch proudly introduces the ‘Village Approach to Wellbeing™’, a transformative approach that transcends traditional individual treatment, fostering a communal journey towards improved mental health….read more.

In the latest episode of The Silver Bullet, Rowan Barker talks with Shane Müller, founder of SafeWatch, a company championing a “village care” model for mental health. Shane explains why the village care approach differs from traditional mental health care and how Safewatch maintains user privacy.

The episode also explores the impacts of social media on mental well-being….read more.

The heartbreaking scenes at Bondi Junction recently have sparked conversations about the disjointed nature of our country’s mental health system. Many people have asked, ‘How does something like this happen?’ Australians are now asking the federal government to consider the potential ‘systemic failings’ of our mental health system.

Research reveals that almost half of all Australian adults are expected to experience poor mental health during their lives. Revealing that everyone will be touched somehow, the figure demands an urgent shift to strengthen a collective approach to support that ensures nobody falls….read more.

As Australia and the world witness rising mental health challenges, a new tech platform has emerged as a necessary innovation.

Collaborating with the Mental Health Advisory Council, SafeWatch represents a bold new vision for community-centric mental health….read more.

Proclaimed as the elixir for remote work woes, the “Great Return to the Office” has instead morphed into mental health misery for workers and huge costs for employers.

Rather than sparking abundant team-built creativity and bonding, working from work – with all its annoying noise and harder-to-avoid toxic colleagues – has contributed to a 46 per cent spike in compensation claims for psychological issues over the past five years.

Beyond the jokes about having to wear pants to work is a serious loss in productivity due to inadequate mental health support, which now costs the Australian economy between $12.2 billion and $22.2 billion….read more.

The SafeWatch® message on Village Approach to Wellbeing™ broadcasts across Australia as heard on 2GB, 3AW, 6PR and other network stations, reaching tens of thousands of people.

An amazing opportunity to be interviewed by Dr Ross Walker, as part of the Healthy Living Radio show on 2GB. Healthy Living focuses on the pressing health issues that matter to most Australians and introducing how SafeWatch® with its proactive awareness sharing and community building capability provide the scaffolding to support Australians… more.

Mental well-being is a big issue across the world. In Singapore, mental well-being costs nearly US$16 billion a year, accounting for about 2.9 per cent of the nation’s GDP, while in Malaysia, a survey conducted by the Ministry of Health found that one in three Malaysian adults aged 16 and above has a mental health condition… more.

Founder and CEO of SafeWatch Shane Muller says: “Implementing something to help employees check in with their mental wellness on a daily basis is very powerful and SafeWatch will help do this.

“Importantly for employers, if you’re looking after your staff and giving them the tools to feel safe they’re going to be more productive, they’re going to want to come to work and not have ‘mental health days’. They’ll feel they’re getting the support they need on a day to day basis….read more.

The app is free to download, offering basic self-awareness and well-being tracking features, with a full suite of services accessible through in-app purchases at a fraction of the cost of standard mental health consultations.
Shane Muller, the Founder and CEO of SafeWatch, emphasizes the app’s role in facilitating human connections and supporting users in their mental wellness journey, underscoring the importance of community in overcoming mental health challenges….read more.

By targeting three critical mental health care factors, a support network, providing useful insights to health professionals and user empowerment, SafeWatch aims to take a ‘village care’ approach to mental health. SafeWatch Founder and CEO Shane Muller, elaborates, “SafeWatch aims to facilitate human connections and support, emphasising its role as a bridge rather than isolating technology.” The app also encourages….read more.

Shane seeks to inspire both current and future generations of entrepreneurs and emerging business leaders, motivating them to work collectively toward creating a positive impact. He firmly believes that by combining passion with purpose and displaying relentless perseverance, a brighter future can be forged for ourselves, and those around us….read more.

Shane Muller is a businessman and a dedicated leader who strives to create a positive impact on the world. His journey began at the age of 10 when he developed a payroll program for a security company, showcasing his passion for technology and….read more.

The Unicorns Podcast connects you to some of the best and brightest founders, CEOs, executives, business owners, innovators, entrepreneurs and inspiring leaders who make things happen and inspire others. 

Host Justin Kelly, former broadcast journalist and PR veteran, chats with leaders from across Australia and internationally on business strategy; what it takes to build a successful company; how to overcome challenges, and advice for those on a similar journey….read more.

Shane Muller, Founder and CEO of Safe Watch Care, discusses the unique approach of his mental health support app in this executive interview. Safe Watch Care focuses on building connections and community, offering a comprehensive set of tools, and prioritising privacy through blockchain technology….read more.

One of the folks we reached out to for a Sinclair memory was Shane Muller, an Australian tech entrepreneur who in 2019 threw a very good party to celebrate thirty years in the business. At that event he brandished the ZX81 that started it all.

Shane’s response to news of Sir Clive’s death was to write him a letter:

To Clive, I never met you personally and didn’t know you as Clive, but as Sinclair.

Thank you for pursuing and creating what you did through the Sinclair ZX81. As a youngster before my teens I first saw and started to use my sister’s computer and from that first time, I started to claim it… more.

Communications technology empowers people to choose when and where they work but you may be guilty of over-sharing at inappropriate times.

It’s the weekend and you’re about to turn in for the night but first you fire off a dozen emails to get a jump on Monday morning.

Stop to think about what you just did.….read more.

Let’s reflect on why OBT was founded to make the world a better place — and share lessons learned over 20 years.

If it’s true the culture of a business or organisation is the outgrowth of its founder’s or CEO’s personality, it’s fair to say there are many well meaning and ‘woke’ leaders in Australia today… more.

Is the constant stream of pandemic messages getting you “down”?

Well, here are some tips by OBT Managing Director to help you look “UP”, and keep your business UP and running through this season!

If you’re a firm that doesn’t have a clear pandemic plan in place (like most would not), here are a few practical points you can action now to help your business “prep-up” for anything that might be around the corner…read more.

Cybersecurity is about whom you know, what they know and how they use your data.

One of the biggest obstacles many small businesses face when securing their information systems is simply scoping the problem. Managing business risk is especially acute for organisations digitally transforming….read more.

Think you’re cyber-aware? Think again. Flawed thinking prevails even in the most cybersecurity-conscious companies, says OBT founder and cybersecurity expert Shane Muller.

Most Australian organisations have come a long way on their respective cybersecurity journeys. And while there’s a wide spread of maturity across corporate boards and the public sector, most organisations are consciously straightening their cybersecurity postures… more.

Ensuring your senior executive ‘C-Suite’ is on top of the organisation’s cybersecurity strategy is essential for CEOs who wish to keep their jobs.

Against the background of the notifiable data breach and consumer data right laws; customer awareness of how businesses use, abuse and lose their data; and social media activism, CEOs have millions of pairs of eyes scrutinising their cybersecurity missteps… more.