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Son. Visionary. Founder. Pioneer. Husband. Mentor. Chairman. Authorised Marriage Celebrant. Sommelier. Foster Dad. Author.

Shane is a businessman and a dedicated leader who strives to create a positive impact on the world. His entrepreneurial journey began at the age of 10 when he developed a payroll program for a security company, showcasing his passion for technology and a sharp eye for opportunities. At a young age, he founded his first company and swiftly made a name for himself in the business world.

His unwavering commitment to community impact is evident through his involvement with The Destiny Foundation and its key focus areas, where Shane actively contributes to improving people’s lives. He envisions this mission to be a lifelong endeavor.

Shane seeks to inspire both current and future generations of entrepreneurs and emerging business leaders, motivating them to work collectively towards creating a positive impact. He firmly believes that by combining passion with purpose and displaying relentless perseverance, a brighter future can be forged for ourselves and those around us.


300+ Businesses

Consulted to over 300 businesses worldwide, helping them to achieve their goals and reach new heights of success.

50+ Products

Responsible for innovating over 50 products and launches, inspired by solving customer problems or obtaining improvement.

5 Downturns

Resilience to navigate 5 major economic downturns with 30-50% dips, emerging stronger and more resilient each time.

In The Media

Shane has featured across multiple media platforms for his pioneering work in technology and entrepreneurship, reshaping and impacting industries with his innovative ventures and insights.


Shane aims to seek out opportunities for growth, nurture potential to impact destinies.

Shane’s entrepreneurial journey is all about leveraging the power of inventiveness to impact people’s destinies. With The Destiny Foundation, Shane has created a blueprint to channel inventiveness “For Good Impact” and shape a new, better world for generations to come.

The Destiny Foundation: The Destiny Foundation is a not-for-profit charity set up by Shane Muller. Connected with his other ventures to directly benefit and drive profit for purpose. The foundation has four impact pillars, and the impact mission will take his lifetime, as well as beyond his lifetime.

Paladin AI Ventures: Paladin AI is a fusion of an incubator and venture fund. Paladin AI Ventures is not only for the list of inspiring innovative ideas of Shane, but will also be for ideas within others. With a focus on ultra early ideas, leveraging leading-edge technology, he aims to support aspiring entrepreneurs to impact our world and improve the lives of millions. Paladin AI Ventures is currently raising for its first fund and, therefore not currently accepting startup applications. 

InspED: With InspED, Shane’s goal is to tap into a person’s potential to help them to be what they were destined to be. Combining inspiration and education he seeks to support individuals to grow and expand into the best version of themselves. His vision with InspED is to create a world where everyone (especially those who don’t fit into the box) have the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Working together: Throughout his ventures, Shane’s team of staff, contractors and volunteers are offered the mentoring and coaching they need to find and reach their unique edge and master their fullest potential. Reach out to discuss opportunities to work together here.

Commitment to Community

Shane believes in the power of serving humanity and putting the needs of others first.

Shane has dedicated more than 20 years to volunteering at his local church and has a deep passion for contributing to various charitable causes. However, Shane believes serving humanity extends beyond mere acts of volunteering or financial donations. He firmly believes that true service involves being a supportive presence for those in need and also those facing adversity. By prioritising assistance to others, individuals can transcend self-centeredness and forge stronger connections with the people in their lives. This sense of connection has the potential to cultivate a vibrant community, alleviate feelings of solitude and isolation, facilitate personal growth, and awaken a profound sense of purpose.

Live in your heart space and focus on selfless acts to serve humanity.

                                 – Shane Muller

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